Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I do hate it when life gets in the way of my computer time.

The good news - I got a B! I'm so excited! Still hung over with exhaustion from all the work, and not quite sure how I pulled it off - but I'll take a B. The bad news, I have to take her again next year! OY! I'm not lookin' forward to that!

But, winter break has been good. I am working a lot of hours (well, a lot for me anyway). Princess had her last day of school last Tue and is off until the 3rd. I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but most of the school around here went right up through last Friday and have off until the 8th. It was nice having her home for a few days during the last minute Christmas rush. I had last Thursday off so we did out last minute shopping together.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Even though mom only lives a mile away, it's our tradition to sleep over at her house and open presents there in the morning. This works out well for me because I am such a Grinch! I used to love decorating for the holidays but the last few years I just have NO desire to do it. I didn't even put the tree up this year - now that's bad! Princess got a gift certificate to Build-a-Bear from Grandpa and one to Claire's from my brother. Guess there's a trip to the mall in my future this week (*ew*).

I've been gone so long it seems like I should have so much more to say.

Dad & I tried to go see Rocky on Sat morning, but the theater was too busy for our taste. We did see The Nativity Story a couple weeks ago. THAT was a great movie! I can't tell you how many times I cried. I felt like I was really getting a glimpse of what Mary & Joseph went through. I'm sure we can only imagine the hardships that they faced in that time and place. I loved how they portrayed the Wise Men. I know once it comes out on DVD Princess & I will have a few laughs over those Wise Men!

Santa brought me a Palm Pilot, which is just what I asked for. I also got jammies and gift certificates for the car was. Princess got the coolest new toy that I could find it's a
Disney Mix Max You can use it like an MP3 player and listen to music or you can buy little cards (like the size of the memory card for your camera) that have movies on them! She's in love - it's so very pink. She also got a Tamagotchi from Grandma. Now there is one annoying toy. But, it seems that all the girls at school have one and modern technology allows you to connect to other tamagotchi's and play games. So, you see, she just HAD to have one! If that thing beeps at me one more time it's going to get hit with a hammer *evil chuckle*.

My schedule next semester is ugly again. Since I dropped 3 classes last semester I have to make them up this time around. Of course 2 of the ones that I need to take are both offered at 10 MWF. Figures. And there are only 2 sections of each class and the other sections of both totally throw off my schedule! For the most part it's not too bad. I am in class MWF from 9-noon and then I can work Tue & Thur. But then I have to be back in class T & Th from 4-5:15. I guess it's not as bad as this semester being in class from 5-7 was crappy! The 3rd class that I dropped is looking hopeless. It's not offered at a decent time at the community college next semester OR this summer. My only hope is that when the summer schedule comes out for the University that it will be offered.

I have to go out this week and get my Statistics book. YUCK! I cannot tell you how much I am not looking forward to taking Statistics.

Since it's Christmas, I shouldn't end this post by complaining!

Merry Christmas to all of you. May God bless you and shower you with the gentle peace that you can only find in Him.