Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What the heck!

Sometimes I wonder how I can go so long without taking time to post. When I bother to take the time to put it all down on a page, it makes me feel so much better!

School is stressful. And getting more so every minute. There are so many days when I just want to throw in the towel. Thankfully there are almost as many days when everything seems to click in place and I remember that I'm almost done. Almost done. That's what I have to keep reminding myself. Although with this double major I seem to have added another year onto my torture which means all next year I'll be in class instead of just one semester. And of course there are 2 semesters of student teaching after that.

Ya gotta love teaching. It's bad enough that most internships are unpaid, but to be a teacher you have to PAY for an internship. What the heck? Does that seem fair?? I know, I know, it's all for the best and there's still a lot of learning that goes on in that year so it's best to have it managed by a university.

I'm still struggling to pull up my math GPA. My history GPA is good enough to apply for the college of ed, but my math is still low. I do have 5 classes left, so there's wiggle room - but man these classes are NOT getting any easier! I'm just going to die if I have to do my student teaching in history! I know it's only a year and once I graduate with 2 degrees nobody is going to be checking my math GPA. Did I mention I really, really don't want to student teach in history? Just the thought of assigning projects and papers and then having to grade them....YIKES! It makes my head spin!

And completely off topic. Princess was playing on the laptop tonight. She has a tendency to try to do too many processes at once, so I taught her how to use ctrl+alt+del to free things up when she gets stuck. So she's playing away and then I hear, "uh mom the screen is upside down". I looked and just had to laugh. The whole display was upside down, including the cursor which meant it was working backwards (or well, i guess upside down). She was just in a panic. It was so cute. She thought she really broke it! So I showed her that she had just hit ctrl+alt+arrow instead of del and that it was easy enough to fix. Of course then she wanted to try to turn the display sideways both ways and upside down again.

She's easily amused. What can I say??

And (because I'm so thankful that football season is almost over) here's the obligatory "oh isn't she adorable picture" of her majesty!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Long Overdue

Goodness! The 10th birthday celebration was a huge success. Princess has wonderful new friends! I picked up all the girls from school and we headed right to Build-A-Bear. I'll tell you, that place has the market cornered on how to show girls a good time! We had our very own employee assigned to us for the hour we were there. She helped the girls pick out their animals and stuff them and then played a couple games while she got them all sewed up. Later she had them play another game while they were dressing their new friends and snapped a couple of polaroids for Princess to take with her. Since she was the birthday girl, Princess got an "autograph" bear that all her party guests got to sign. Then each of the girls got a couple little treats in their houses to go along with their friends. It was so much fun to watch them picking out the perfect animal and then the perfect outfit. Four of them picked out the same dog! (but they did pick different outfits so we could at least tell them apart!). Come to find out three of the girls had never even been to Build-A-Bear before...and one had never even been to the mall! Whoa, how weird is that?! After our adventure at the mall we headed to Princess' favorite pizza place. We order from there a lot with my parents so the owners know us. I called a few days before and she said we were welcome to bring our own cake and a few decorations if we wanted to. The girls pigged out and then I delivered them home safe and sound. Of course by the time I dropped them off and got us back home it was after 7. What a long day! But worth it. I haven't seen Princess smile that much in such a long time. Here's a couple pics from our perfect day ;-)

Turns out our party leader had been a cheerleader in high school so when she found out she had a group of junior cheerleaders on her hands she had them show her their favorite cheer. Thankfully it was Wednesday afternoon at the mall so there were hardly any customers to be bothered by these VERY loud girls!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Touchy Touchy!

Perhaps I am just overly sensitive today. I have certainly been stressed more than usual with tests coming up at school, a paper I just handed in and then the big birthday today.

But, you KNOW how I love to complain.... so here goes.

Nice secretary lady at school....this nice woman is one of the main reasons I chose this school for Princess. She was SO nice, on the phone and in person. Answered ever single one of my million questions. A couple weeks ago she got snippy with me about Princess missing a couple days of school. (and may I just add here, she is my daughter and if I say she doesn't have to go to school then I don't think the school secretary should be second guessing me!). So, I let that slide because heck, maybe she was having a bad day, or maybe I was....

And then there was today. I arrived at school a few minutes early to make sure all the girls had come complete with notes allowing them to leave school with me and not get on the bus. Turns out only one of them didn't have a note, but she called her mom and got the OK over the phone. As she's on the phone the secretary looks at me and gives me this really snotty tone and says "I hope you have a lot of seat belts". Right, I'm going to take 6 girls and not have enough seat belts. And if that WAS my plan; would I really tell the school secretary?


I know, I know, it's no big deal. I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill and I should just take a deep breath and go to sleep.

As a matter of fact, that sounds like a perfect plan!

I guess that means the grand birthday party story (complete with pictures I'm sure) will have to wait until tomorrow. At which point, I promise to be in a better mood :-)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No more pretending

There comes a point in every mom's life when she realizes that she can't fool herself anymore. Her youngest is no longer anything anybody would call a "child". She's well into that transition somewhere between girl and teen. A mind of her own and a mouth to match it.

...and tomorrow she's 10 *sigh*

But, of course, she'll always be my baby.

Happy Birthday Princess!